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Flea Medicine for Dogs

Flea Medicine for Dogs

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Your furry friend is scratching like crazy. So the most obvious thing for you to do as a responsible pet owner is grab some flea medicine for dogs.

Not all flea medicine is equal.   As a responsible pet owner, you need to be sure that the one that you use is suitable for your dog. These medicines come in different forms: flea collars, flea tablets, flea sprays, flea shampoos and flea drops. They also contain many different ingredients. You will need to decide whether you want a herbal, all natural medicine or one which has some form of chemical in it.

Fleas originate from a tiny parasite that usually spreads by somebody bringing it in from the outdoors. These horrid pests cause misery for dogs and owners alike due to the fact that they can be quite difficult to get rid of unless the unhatched eggs are wiped out.

Herbal Flea Medicine

Recent statistics show that more and more people are using herbal flea medication for their dogs as it is chemical free, extremely effective and doesn’t have any side effects. When an owner is looking for flea medicine for dogs they should speak to their vet. Generally, medication prescribed by a veterinarian is safer and more effective for your dog and everybody in the household.

In fact, lavender was used in the Dark Ages to prevent the bubonic plague.  Fleas that rode in on rats were the main carriers of the black plague.  For some reason, fleas do not like lavender, and other aromatic herbs.  People began to use lavender essence mixed with water to bath and clean living areas.  Lavender served as a flea repellant.

Flea Preventative

Using flea medicine for dogs is all well and good.  You could say that the best flea preventative is household cleanliness. It also important to remember to clean your house thoroughly.  You should quickly dispose of vacuum cleaner bags that can harbor the larvae of a flea.

Of course budget will play a role in which treatment you choose.  Some flea medicine for dogs is expensive.   These flea medications are often effective in keeping dogs and their owners free of fleas.

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