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Dog Pain Medicine

Dog Pain Medicine

Pain Medication for Dogs

When a dog is in pain, there are certain veterinary pain medications available to help ease their discomfort. Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs, or NSAIDs, are the most common types of dog pain medicine. These medicines help ease a dog’s pain, as well as reduce inflammation.

They can allow the dog to be more comfortable and have a better quality of life. Pet owners can use these medications in a number of ways.  They are usually for oral use; either to a dog that has osteoarthritis, inflammation, or after the dog has undergone surgery.

FDA and Dog Pain Medicine

Over the past couple of years the FDA has been studying the effect of pain medication being used on dogs. Moreover, they have studied NSAIDs for dogs, and have found them to be safe and effective at reducing the pain that a pet is feeling.  As of the 2000s, the FDA has been taking into consideration the effects that medications have on pets and the safety of their use.
As it turns out, the majority of vets are willing to prescribe pain medication for pets. In the year 2014 people in the United States alone spent almost 8 billion dollars on medications and veterinary care to keep their pets healthy.

This can be due to the FDA checking and regulating the medication that is used on pets. By 2018 this figure is expected to grow by five percent.

Arthritis and Inflammation in Dogs

In short, dog pain medicine will help improve the quality of life for the dog. As the dog ages, inflammation may become a problem. Ultimately, dog pain medication can help reduce the inflammation and allow the dog to be able to regain some motion. When a dog is in pain they do not want to move around or play. Pain medication can give the dog their life back.

When a person notices that the behavior of their dog has change including eating and sleeping habits they should take the dog to the vet right away. They may be suffering from pain or inflammation. Pain medication can help give the dog back their life and increase their mobility so they can once again be happy and healthy.

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