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Chlorhexiderm for Dogs

Chlorhexiderm for Dogs

Does Your Dog Have Skin Conditions?

If your dog suffers from skin conditions, then you probably already know about all of the therapeutic shampoos.   Chlorhexiderm is a shampoo for dogs that treats skin conditions.   Therefore, it is an effective treatment for mild to severe skin conditions including including those involving yeast, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Pet owners usually apply this treatment by lathering the shampoo over the dog’s body, and allowing it to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing it off fully with water.   Researchers in the U.K. first discovered Chlorhexidine, the active ingredient in these shampoos, over sixty years ago. Humans were the first to use it as a disinfectant and topical antiseptic.  Sometime after this, came a formulation of Chlorhexiderm shampoo for animals.  Other animals can also use this shampoo.  Consult a veterinarian before using this pet medication on any animal.

Chlorhexiderm and Heartworms

Chloehexiderm is not effective against infections that are caused by parasites such as heartworms. Therefore, you should not use this shampoo to treat or prevent heartworms in dogs. However, if using a topical heartworm prevention medication, chlorhexiderm should not cause any interference.  It is always safest to wait a few days after applying topical heartworm prevention before washing your dog with this type of shampoo.

Chlorhexiderm shampoo is important for the health of a dog that is suffering from mild to severe skin conditions. Repeated use of this special dog shampoo can help to alleviate symptoms and treat the skin condition in dogs. While being effective at treating skin conditions, chlorhexiderm is still gentle and soothing for the dog’s skin.  This makes it a great solution for dogs with skin problems.

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