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Dog Medicine

Dog Medicine


Does Your Pet Need Dog Medicine?

Veterinarians will often prescribe drugs and medications, when dogs are sick or have medical problems. Much the same way that doctors prescribe to humans. There are a few medications that are for animals only.  However,  animals and humans receive surprisingly similar medical treatments.  Dogs can have infections, cancer, parasites, arthritis; and many other diseases, illnesses and discomforts.

Dog medicine can include prescriptions for: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, opioid painkillers, anti-parasitic medication, steroids, and even hormones and chemotherapeutic medication.

Dog Medicine is Often on the Cutting Edge

Some say that veterinarians have access to better medical equipment than do human doctors.  This is because experts often test many of these new technologies and drugs on animals first. So, you can say that animals, including dogs, receive cutting edge treatments and medication.

If your dogs get sick with certain illnesses, then you need to treat them. Some medications you can give dogs are for long term use.  Your vet will need to monitor these meds carefully. If they are mixed they can interact with each other and neutralize or amplify each other.

Dog medications should not be prescribed willy-nilly, so it is important for dog owners to pay attention to what kinds of medications their dogs are getting. If they use more than one vet, one needs to know what the other has prescribed and done so far.

Ask Your Vet About Your Dog’s Medications

Dog owners should ask questions about how medication works.  This way, they can observe whether the medication is working as it should. They should always make sure to consult the veterinarian before giving their dog over-the-counter medication on top of what has been prescribed.

Giving your dog the care and attention it deserves is very important if you want to give him a fulfilling life with your family. In this endeavor, let’s not neglect handling medications with care and keeping them out of reach of dogs and children and help our pets responsibly.

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