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Heartworm In Your Puppy

Heartworm In Your Puppy


Does your puppy have heartworms?

Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that typically spread from host to host via mosquito bites. Around 1856, in southeast region of the United States, the heartworm parasite and its effects were discovered. The worms tend to take up residence in the lungs and the heart of dogs and can multiply, thereby clogging the infected regions.

Heartworm in a puppy can have a significant impact on its health.  This type of worm can prevent a puppy from gaining weight normally, can cause nausea, and even death. If and when the heartworms die within the puppy’s body, they release a bacteria that can cause various health problems for all dogs, but can be extremely problematic for puppies.

Puppy Heartworm Preventatives

As soon as a puppy is diagnosed with heartworms, a veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to combat the bacteria released by the worms, as well as heartworm preventatives and steroids to help the body combat the parasites.

Heartworm Treatment for Puppies

Once a puppy has undergone the preventative measures for heartworms, they will be placed on drug treatments that are approved by FDA, and are injected into the back of the puppy. It is necessary for the puppy to remain at the vet on injection days for observation.

Heart worm Statistics

1) Heartworms can live up to 4-7 years in dogs.
2) Dogs have a 100 percent chance of contracting heartworms when exposed.
3) Prevention is much more effective and less costly than treatment.
4) Heartworms are not able to pass from one pet to another.
5) Heart worms will begin to affect a dog around 6-8 months after exposure.

It is vital to keep canines clean, healthy and  free of any type of infection, in order to take the best care of them. By ignoring the symptoms of heartworms – such as shortness of breath, a low and rasping cough, or even the dull appearance of their coat – it becomes a real health risk for the dog.


(The image above is a derivative of sally9258,; CC BY-SA.)

Heartworm in Dogs