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What Are Heartworms?

What Are Heartworms?

A Very Dangerous Parasite For All Dogs!

Dogs face the tremendous risk of contracting a very deadly parasite.  This dreaded parasite can prove to be a real threat to their health and life.  What is this very dangerous parasite that can cause disease in your dog? The culprit is none other than the heartworm.

Canine Heartworms

What are heart-worms? It is a terrible disease that can afflict your dog’s heart. Heartworms slowly cripple your dogs heart from the inside.  These canine heartworm parasites target the heart of a dog and do all they can to destroy the health of this vital organ until it no longer works properly. The infestation of heartworms can prove to be so bad for dogs, cats, or other pets that they can be subject to dropping dead without any advanced warning.

In other words, heartworm is a disease that you never want your dog, cat, or other loving pet to have to experience. It isn’t anything nice. It is a very bad disease that no living creature does deserve to get.

Especially, if it is your pet.  No one wants that outcome for their pet in any way at all. Canine heartworm is a very dangerous, as well as, painful and debilitating disease that can afflict any dog without any advance warning.

Dog Heartworm Symptoms

The symptoms of canine heartworm can hide for a very long time. However, when they do decide to make an appearance, it is usually after the dreaded disease has finally made it to the later stages. What does this mean? It means that your dog can be suffering from it and you won’t even know it overall.

This is why, it makes perfect sense, to make sure to get your dog screened at least once a year by a veterinarian.  It is best to be safe, than sorry later on, where your dog is concerned. It also makes perfect sense to protect your dog, and its health, from the possibility of developing heartworms.

How can you protect your dog from heart-worms? Heart worm protection starts by getting your dog some form of heartworm prevention. Usually, a vet will issue your dog a prescription.  This prescription for should shield your canine from the risk of any invading the heart-worm parasites.

What are the symptoms of heartworm in dogs? Canine heartworm can reveal itself in a number of ways. However, one definite symptom of a dog having heartworm is this, and that is if your dog does suffer from a persistent form of cough.

Dogs who do have heartworms, will have a cough, and this cough will be soft and dry in description. At this coughing stage, the parasites will likely also be in the lungs of the dog.

Heartworms and Other Organs

Canine heartworm first affects the heart. Nonetheless, over the course of time, these nasty parasites do make their way to other parts of the dog’s body as well.  They eventually get into the dog’s lungs and liver. These parasites are dangerous and deadly in their onslaught. They kill off a dog’s vital organs.

A dog who suffers from heart worm can eventually suffer organ failure.  This organ failure can make a pet succumb to this parasitic infection at an accelerated pace.  Therefore, make sure you protect your dog from canine heartworm by getting them a regular form of heartworm preventive medicine. The very same is true of about flea and tick prevention.

Dog heartworm is a vicious disease caused by a merciless parasite.  This parasite doesn’t discriminate and can afflict any dog, cat, or other pet.  All of this without exhibiting any visible symptoms in a number of cases.

(The image above is a derivative of Rochelle, just rochelle,; CC BY-SA.)

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