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Treat Heart-worm in Dogs


How can You Treat Heart-worms in Dogs?

Heart-worms is a disease that can affect the lungs, cause heart failure, and other major organ damage in dogs. If left untreated, it will result in death. This deadly disease is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis. It can be spread to other dogs through mosquito bites.

Treat Heart-worm with the Correct Treatment

In order to provide successful heart-worm treatment for your dog, you must first restrict exercise and stabilize your dog’s condition. This is because physical exertion will increase the rate at which the heart-worms cause damage in the heart and lungs of the dog. A licensed vet can help you determine the best heart-worm treatment for your dog. You and your vet can treat heart-worm in a variety of ways.  These treatments may include a series of injections, pills, healthy diet, lifestyle changes and more.

Canine heart-worms has a long history that dates back to the year of 1856 in the United States. The heart-worm disease in dogs differ from other diseases because it is a disease that is carried by the bite of a mosquito.

Heart-worm Treatment and Prevention in Dogs

Similarly, you may obtain heart-worm preventative medication from a licensed vet within 6 weeks of mosquito bite.  This heartworm preventative will kill microfilaria in the blood and this will prevent your dog from acquiring the deadly disease. Moreover, this preventive medicine will also prevent the larvae from growing to adulthood. You should not treat heart-worm with preventatives.  You can start by preventing your dog from being bit by mosquitoes. Also, you should not let your dog out during dusk and evening hours; especially if your dog is an inside pet. If your dog lives outside, removing standing water that attracts mosquitoes.

Responsible pet owners can also purchase heart-worm prevention  medicine online, or at a retail pet store.   Some of these heartworm preventatives include Heart Guard Plus, Tri-Heart Plus, Revolution For Dogs, Advantage Multi For Dogs, Iverhart Plus, Interceptor Flavor Tabs and more.

Heartworm Preventative