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Heartworm Treatment Cost for Dogs

Heartworm Treatment Cost for Dogs


How much will a heartworm treatment cost?

Heartworm treatment costs for dogs can vary on several factors.  The factors that determine the price of a heartworm treatment including: age, weight, and severity of the infection in the affected canine. It is important to note that while there are effective heartworm treatments available for dogs, the same is not true for cats. Therefore, heartworm prevention is even more crucial for our feline friends than many might realize.

Heartworm Prevention Cost

There are several heartworm preventatives (e.g. Tri-Heart Plus, Iverhart Max, and Trifexis) available on the market for dogs. Typically, they come in topical preventative, tablet preventative, or chewable heartworm preventatives.   Whichever one you chose, be sure to apply or administer your dog’s heartworm preventative on a monthly basis. Moreover, veterinarians usually encourage pet owners to provide year-round protection for their dogs and cats against heartworm. Furthermore, the FDA recommends that canines and felines receive a heartworm test during their annual veterinary check ups.   This test will show the presence of heartworms.

Heartworm Treatment Cost

On the flip side, heartworm treatment usually involves injections. The vet will need to monitor your dog after the heartworm shot.  So your vet will likely recommend hospitalization as part of the treatment. Recovery time can take from a couple of months to a couple of years.  This recovery time depends on the severity of the infection. This is because heartworms can live up to 2 years and grow to 1 foot in length in a dog’s body. Thus, if the infection is prevalent and has gone untreated or undiagnosed, the heartworms can invade not only the heart and lungs but also affect the other major organs (e.g. liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.).

The bottom line is that the larger and heavier the dog, and the more severe the infection, the more expensive it is to treat. While heartworm prevention costs about $5-$15 a monthheartworm treatment cost can range from $400-$1,000 or more, depending on the dog’s weight, age, and health status.

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