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Interceptor for Dogs

Interceptor for Dogs


Does Your Dog Have Heartworms? Use Interceptor …

Heartworm disease is a concern for pet owners everywhere. This serious illness can damage or even kill your dog if left untreated. Also, other parasitic worms can affect your pet’s health.

Prevention is the key to keeping your dog well and to ensure a long life. Your veterinarian can give you medicine for monthly heart worm treatment.  Interceptor is an oral pet medication that prevents heartworms and helps remove of adult hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. Interceptor is even safe for Puppies who are over 2 pounds and at least four weeks old.

You can also use Interceptor in pregnant or nursing females. This pill is flavored for easy dosing and conveniently delivered once a month. There is no generic available for Interceptor.  This medicine works by causing the death of larvae and adult parasites with its central ingredient, milbemycin oxime.

How Interceptor Works

As this drug causes interruption to the worm’s nerve transmission, heart worms die almost immediately. It must be given monthly, preferably on the same day to ensure consistent protection.  You can crumble the tablet and mix it with food or a favorite treat. Each pill is appetizing to your dog, because of the “meaty” flavor. Also, after giving them the heartworm tablet, monitor your dog to to ensure they don’t vomit the medicine back up.

If this happens, give another full dose as soon as possible.  Vets also recommend that dogs take Interceptor year round. If you choose only to give it during warm seasons, the first round should be given within 30 days of the first mosquito bite.   Then, the last dose should be given within the time limit of 30 days after the last insect bite.

Since Interceptor also works to control and kill other types of worms, you may want to consider year round dosage for complete protection. Dogs should have blood work done by your veterinarian before beginning a medicine regime. Make sure to include all other medications your pet is on when discussing heart worm medicine.

It is important to note that if your dog misses a dose of this medicine.  Missing doses of Interceptor lessens the effectiveness to prevent heart-worms. Call your vet in the case of a missed dose and follow his directions precisely to protect your pet. Consistent monthly intervals are necessary to ensure continued protection.  Veterinarians also recommend that you administer each dosage of this medicine on the same day of the week.

Interceptor Side Effects

Some side effects of Interceptor may include: diarrhea, weakness, and vomiting. Some rare side-effects include: seizures, depression and inability to walk. If any of these happen, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Make sure the doctor is aware of any other medication, vitamins or supplements your pet takes.

Heartworm disease is a serious illness that is widespread; an infected mosquito can bite and expose even indoor pets. For the safety of your dog and your peace of mind, treat them monthly with Interceptor.

Interceptor is an effective way to prevent heartworms in your pet. Also, remember that even if your dog has already had heartworms, he can contract them again. The safest route is to prevent all of your animals from this deadly disease, by using heartworm medicine.

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