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Heartworm Pills For Dogs

Heartworm Pills For Dogs


How do Heartworm Pills Help Dogs?

The traditional treatments for heartworm include medications such as heartworm pills or  heart-worm injections.  These heartworm treatments should occur once a month to help you prevent this parasitic canine disease. Many heart-worm pills for dogs are available by prescription, from a veterinarian.

You can also purchase some over the counter, but the ones from the vet usually are more effective. You should pay close attention to these pills, and give them to your dog exactly as prescribed by the vet.  Be sure to read the information insert on the package to prevent death or injury. The heart worm disease is a deadly parasite, which often lives in the same mosquitos that bite dogs.

Why are Heartworm Pills Important to Your Dog’s Health?

Heart worm pills are really important to the health of your dog. These heartworm treatment pills help to prevent the disease, kill the adult worms and larvae, prevent the heart-worms from spreading to other major organs in the dog’s body, and they will help prevent the death of your dog.

Recent statistics about heartworm pills for dogs include:

  • The average lifespan of heart-worms in untreated pets is 5-7 years in dogs.
  • Heartworms may infect more than 30 species of animals including coyotes, foxes, wolves and other wild canids.
  • Hear worm prevention is more effective than treatment.
  • 70 different species of mosquitoes are capable of transmitting heart-worm disease.
  • Many dogs can recover from heart worm disease with the right treatment.

If you suspect that your dog may be showing signs of the heart-worm disease, then you should get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Taking your dog for regular vet exams will help you keep your pet healthy. If you think you cannot afford taking your dog to a professional vet, there are organizations for pets and pet charities that can assist you.

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