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Heartworm Injections for Dogs


Heartworm Injection, Treatment or Preventative?

People often confuse heratworm treatments , or cures; and heartworm preventatives.  Heartworm shots are not a vaccination or preventative to keep your dog from getting heartworms. Instead, heart-worm injections are treatments that cure dogs with heartworms.  Usually, heartworm preventatives are not usually shots; but rather topical agents or pills and tablets. Heart worm preventatives are the very best defense against heartworm disease, which is often deadly in dogs. Make no mistake about it, heartworms thrive all over the country, in every state.  Not just in the humid southeast or Gulf Coast regions as once thought.

If your dog has heartworms, perhaps you’ve done some research on it.  It was first reported in 1856 in the U.S.; but actually discovered much earlier in South America, although it was reported much later. The cure and prevention of heartworm disease weren’t discovered and put into use until the 1960s. So, here we are in the 21st century and many of us don’t realize that our pets need protection against this deadly disease, no matter where we live.

Heart worms have spread everywhere in the world and it’s up to responsible and loving pet owners to eradicate it.  American Heartworm Society (AHS) research shows that only approximately 55 percent of dogs in this country are receiving heartworm preventives. Additional research suggests heartworm preventatives could eradicate the disease altogether.

Heartworm Shots Work, a Personal Story

But, sometimes you end up adopting a dog who already has heartworms like I did. Princess was her name and, after adopting her, I found out she had the disease. Hearing the diagnosis was very frightening, and hearing that the only choice was a heartworm injection for dogs.  Moreover, all of the complexities, high price and side effects added to my feelings of fear. Princess received her heartworm shot and follow-up treatments and lived for many more happy years to the ripe old age of 15.

About six months following treatment, our vet performed another heartworm test, confirming the elimination of all of the heartworms.  She then put our dog on a heartworm prevention regiment. This heartworm injection was a real life-saver for our dog.  Our family is forever grateful for this wonderful heartworm cure.

Heartworm Pills for Dogs