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Heartgard for Dogs

Heartgard for Dogs

Heartgard; A Popular Heartworm Preventative

Pet owners everywhere dread the topic of heartworm disease. This silent killer is present throughout the United States. Left untreated, heartworms can permanently damage or even kill your dog.

The source of this dreaded canine disease are mosquitos with the parasite inside. Prevention is the key to protecting your pet from this harmful parasite. Heartgard is an effective heartworm medicine, with a solid record in preventing these parasites from flourishing in your dog.

Ask Your Vet About Heartgard

This medicine not only works on heartworms, but it also protects against the hook and round worms. This beef flavored tablet can be given to puppies six weeks and older with no weight minimum. Your vet will issue you a prescription, and advise you to administer once a month, to ensure prevention.  He will run tests to determine if your dog already has the parasites.

After your vet prescribes Heartgard, he will instruct you on how to administer it. These tablets are chewable and should not be given whole. Most veterinarians recommend giving Heartgard to your dog year round, although some people choose to give it only during mosquito season.

However, if you stop the medication for a period, then your dog could become infected with not only heartworms.  There are several other types of parasites that are dangerous year-round.

Some possible side effects from Hartguard include:

  • Loss of appetite,
  • Lethargy in the beginning doses,
  • Some dogs experience tremors.

If any of these conditions persist, you should contact your pet’s doctor immediately. Heartgard is commonly considered the safest heartworm medicine. It is even safe to use on pregnant or nursing female dogs.

Heartgard Cost

Some consumers lament the cost of monthly heartworm medication, but if your dog becomes infected with heartworms, the cost will be much higher for treatment. Once a vet has found heartworms in your pet through x-rays and other tests, your dog will be subjected to a series of injections to kill the parasite.

The average cost for heartworm testing and treatment could be as high as $1,000. Unfortunately, even if your dog has already had heartworms, they can still become re-infected. That is why it is so important to have consistent protection.

How do you know if your dog has heartworms? Some of the classic symptoms are a persistent dry cough, loss of appetite, lethargy and fullness in the stomach and chest. Some dogs do not exhibit any symptoms until it is too late. Symptoms for later stages of the disease are fainting, breathing problems and even death.

Heartgard Helps Prevent Heartworms

These dreadful worms can grow to be more than a foot long, and they invade your dog’s heart and lungs, choking off the air and preventing oxygen from reaching the blood. That is why medications like Heartgard are so crucial to the health of your dog.

Reviewers for Heartgard find that this medication is easy to administer because dogs like the beef taste. This is also recommended for the affordable price. There are over 1 million dogs a year falling prey to heartworms in the United States. Even dogs who stay inside the majority of the time can become ill if bitten by one mosquito carrier.

Heartworm Injections for Dogs